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Understanding The Commercial Building Construction Process

When you are planning out the construction of a commercial space, it is the kind of endeavour that needs to be taken seriously. The final results of such a construction project will determine the overall utility, safety, aesthetic appeal and legality of the building. These are all factors that will also be crucial to the success of your business.

It goes without saying that commercial building construction is never a simple task to take on. This involves a high complexity level, requiring you to take a close look at all of the details to be sure you have quality with your finished construction. All these factors contribute to a successful building project.

Hire A Design Build Services Crew

While you may be able to hire one team for the design of your space, and another for the building process, it is going to be beneficial to go with a team that offers both design and a singular design/build team will have a united focus for getting things done. They will also usually save you more money with all of the consolidation.


Once you have a location in mind, you will need to have your contractors survey the space to be sure that it will be feasible for your design choices. This will usually include mostly measurements.

Building Plan

Your design team can get to work designing the building. The draft is a preliminary plan, later to be revised to fit your needs and all of the requirements for local building codes.

Building Costs

Once the draft is done for the building plan, the team will then be able to audit the costs of the construction to be built depending on the time needed, tools, manpower and materials. If the build ends up being too big for your budget, you can then turn it back over to the design team so that they can tweak it.

Construction Begins

After everything is done, including revisions, approvals and any necessary permits, you can have your team start in on the construction process. After your project is completely finished, including duct cleaning, of course, your general contractor will have to get the certificate of occupancy so that you can move further with the use of the space. This may vary depending on the state that you live in, so check with your local building authority.

Of course, this is simply a general outline of the commercial building construction process. It is always best that you consult with the right professionals for every phase of the process, especially if you have questions along the way.

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