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Benefits of Advanced HVAC Cleaning & Sealing

HVAC duct systems are installed in buildings to help distribute conditioned air throughout a house with cooling and forced-air heating systems.

Often, 20-40% of air moving a duct system in a building is lost due to punctures, leaks as well as shoddy duct connections.

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As a result, homeowners not only end up with extremely high utility bills but also have to deal with poor air quality, problems with cooling and heating rooms and musty rooms. Therefore, it is imperative to have your HVAC system well maintained, cleaned and sealed. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of cleaning and sealing your HVAC system:

1. Comfort

A stuffy be quite uncomfortable. But sealing and insulating ducts ensures that room temperatures are appropriately maintained throughout the year creating a comfortable environment.

2. Quality Indoor Air

Without proper HVAC cleaning and sealing, you end up with stale and stuffy air that helps in the development of mold and mildew. Moreover, odors, dust and allergens can get into your home causing allergic reactions, asthma and other ailments. Proper HVAC cleaning reduces moisture infiltration levels hence reducing pollutants in your home.

3. Safety

Typically, home gas appliances use the ventilation system to let out combustion gases from the house. Therefore, when there is poor ventilation and leaky or punctured ductwork, instead of being expelled from the room, such gases are drawn back.

4. Efficiency

Without proper HVAC cleaning and sealing, a home can lose up to 40% of conditioned air. Insulation and sealing the HVAC system brings about energy efficiency for the HVAC system, improved whole house energy efficiency, dramatically lowers energy bills and helps maintain your system’s functionality enabling it to serve you longer. Ultimately, HVAC cleaning and sealing pays for itself in terms of energy saving.

5. Eco-friendly

Most of the energy in homes is from power plants that use fossil fuels. Therefore, the less energy we use to cool and heat our homes, the less air pollutants are generated.

Here’s an overview of improvements and repairs that should be done to a home duct system:

Poorly connected, punctured, damaged or improperly fitted ducts should be repaired or replaced.

Crushed or entangled flex duct should be aligned.

Registers and grills should always be tightly sealed.

Often, crawl spaces and attics are not conditioned. It would help to install ducts with not less than a 6 R-value in such spaces.

There’s a myriad of benefits associated with proper HVAC cleaning and sealing. Some of the main benefits include fresh air at home that is free of contaminants, allergens and odors. Sadly, there are some companies that are less-than-scrupulous and don’t do proper system installations and prevent customers from enjoying the full benefits of top-tier HVAC cleaning. Such companies will make use of under-powered equipment, semi-skilled personnel, and many are not even certified with NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) or not having a license (C-20 HVAC mechanical contractors).

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