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Squeaky Clean Air Duct Cleaning NJ

HVAC systems play a vital role in every home.

They help cool and warm the house during summer and winter respectively.


Moreover, they help in the distribution of clean and fresh air throughout a home. Unfortunately, research indicates that a regular house can lose up to 40% of air-conditioned air as a result of poor duct installation, leaks, tangled ducts or poor connection. These issues might appear to be minor, but they end wasting a lot of energy and ultimately higher monthly utility bills, circulation of poor quality air in rooms, stale air and uncomfortable living space. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC not only gets rid of these problems but also brings about other benefits such as:

#1. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is a major concern for homeowners. Of course, you want to make sure that the inhabitants in your house have quality air. When a properly installed and regularly cleaned HVAC system is running in your home contaminants, allergens, household mold, dust, and air bacteria are not circulated in your home. However, when there is a problem, or the HVAC is not cleaned, all these contaminants are distributed in your house affecting both comfort as well as the health of the inhabitants.

#2. Money & Energy Saver

When ducts are cleaned and unclogged the HVAC system will be at its optimal state. Therefore, cooling and heating your home won’t consume more energy since the air flow is improved. Cleaning and sealing the HVAC system increases its efficiency hence using less power which translates to reduced cooling and heating costs.

#3. Indoor Comfort

Dirty, clogged, leaky or damaged ducts affect the HVAC system’s performance leading to poor air flow. However, cleaning and sealing ducts improve the efficiency of the system which increases comfort in the house as far as proper heating and cooling are concerned.

#4. Extended Life Of Equipment

Often, HVAC systems fail or get damaged due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. When an HVAC system is not cleaned or sealed, it tends to work harder to cool or heat a room. This eventually not only affects how it functions but also its durability. Cleaning an HVAC system prevents premature breakdown of your system.

#5. Reduces Air Pollution & Improves Safety

Gas fumes, tobacco smoke are expelled from a house through ventilation systems. By cleaning HVAC systems at home, you get rid off dangerous gases and other indoor pollutants. This promotes safety and reduced indoor air pollution.

How clean your duct system is, affects the quality of air in your home.

To get to enjoy the full benefits of professional HVAC cleaning and sealing, always hire a company or contractor that uses the top-tier equipment, is licensed C-20 HVAC Mechanical Contractors and certified with National Air Duct Cleaning Cleaners Association (NADCA) as an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS).

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