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Procedure and Benefits Of Charlotte Duct Cleaning

Your homes air duct system is tasked with the job of circulating clean and hygienic air throughout the structure.

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With time, this system which includes the air duct network, air conditioner or furnace and return and supply register grills accumulates, dust and contaminants, including mold, that may affect the integrity of the air circulating in your home.

This means that you may unknowingly have unhygienic air circulating in your home. To avoid this, you can have your air duct system cleaned by professionals. By having a professional clean the air duct system you can rest assured that the air circulating indoors is clean and hygienic at all times.

Read on below to learn more about air duct cleaning.

Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Before we look at the procedure followed during air duct cleaning, let’s first describe the benefits you stand to reap.

First and foremost, air duct cleaning improves the quality of the air circulating in your home.

This means that you can rest easy, knowing that all the allergens and contaminants in the air duct system have been removed completely.


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Additionally, the removal of accumulated dust and contaminants in the air duct system is also said to help improve the efficiency of the entire air conditioning and circulation system. As dust and other contaminants clog up the register grills and filters in the air conditioning system, the furnace/air conditioner is forced to work harder to effectively circulate air throughout the structure.

Air duct cleaning unclogs all these vital parts of the system, making it easier to get clean air where it’s needed efficiently.

Air Duct Cleaning Procedure

Air duct cleaning follows a straight forward process. Once you call in the HVAC specialist, they will come in with specialized cleaning equipment. First, any furniture items next to supply and return register grills will have to be moved. Furniture items and floors may have to be covered to protect them from dust, and the equipment in use.

The HVAC expert will check whether the air conditioner/furnace is working correctly, before shutting it down and cleaning the coil and filters and then put everything back together. This will eliminate the possibility that he, himself could have caused a system failure while performing the cleaning procedure, should the system not work properly after he is finished..

The next step is to remove the return and supply register grills, and cleaning them. The expert will then use the duct cleaning vacuum to remove the dust and contaminants build up from the duct work, before they put everything back as it was. Finally the air conditioner/furnace will be switched back on.

After all the work is done, you can enjoy the circulation of clean and fresh air in your home or commercial property.

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